Tuesday, September 11, 2018

AMD Could Release 10C/20T Ryzen 7 2800X as a response to Intel’s 9900K

Even though the 2nd-gen AMD Ryzen CPUs were launched earlier in this year, the company’s Ryzen 7 2800X is still nowhere to be seen. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t be released soon – AMD’s ex general manager, Jim Anderson, stated that it would appear “someday.”

He also stated that the company’s 2700X and 2700 models have great price and performance points and that they’re sufficiently covering the space in the first wave of Pinnacle Ridge CPUs. Indeed, one could safely say that these processors make recommending Core i7 8700K, the competing models, almost impossible.

However, things are certainly about to change once Intel launches their octa-core processor in the upcoming months – its name is Intel Core i9-9900K, and it will be the company’s first mainstream 8-core/16-thread CPU. The model is expected to introduce a noticeable increase in performance and might as well become Intel’s best-selling top-of-the-line model.

The guys and girls at AMD won’t have headaches once that happens, though – they could have the brand new 2800X ready to roll out and become 9900K’s main competitor. What will it bring to the table? The word is that 2800X will be the world’s first mainstream CPU with ten cores and twenty threads, and offering speed at over 4GHz. In our opinion, this should be more than enough to keep the price reasonable but still successively counter Intel.

2800X cinebenchHowever, we advise you to take this information with a grain of salt – no one knows precisely what will the 2800X’s specifications be, as these are just rumors steaming from an already-viral Cinebench photo someone took a couple of days ago. Realistically, there’s a higher chance for Ryzen 7 2800X to be an octa-core model just like its competitor, but we’d definitely like to have AMD surprise us by going for ten cores.

Source: Guru3d

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Friday, August 31, 2018

These are Some of the Most Striking All-Tempered Glass PC Cases on the Market

Why would you want an all-tempered glass PC case? The answer is quite simple – it looks absolutely stunning. These types of PC cases are gaining in popularity for a good reason, as they allow the owner to show off his hardware from all sides in the most awesome way possible. We’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the currently most popular models on the market – check out their features!

In Win D-Frame 2.0

As a part of their 30th-anniversary celebration, In Win decided to create something really special – the D-Frame 2.0 tempered glass PC case. The unique open-frame structure of this chassis offers an unparalleled view of PC components from all angles.In Win D-Frame 2.0 product image

Personifying the strength and the spirit of an off-road motorcycle, this beautiful case is a fantastic combination of technology and craftsmanship. It can be purchased in several color combinations (with the black-and-gold being the most eye-catching one) and features two tempered glass side panels that provide a great view of the internal hardware. The handcrafted metal structure, on the other hand, comes with quick-release fasteners and a two-way opening mechanism that makes hardware installation exceptionally easy.

The internal layout of D-Frame 2.0 is innovative and flexible, and allows multiple positioning of radiators, pumps, and fans. The model’s brackets utilize captive screws that make assembly very easy but still provide secure fastening. The motherboard tray supports micro-ATX, ATX, and E-ATX sizes and up to eight expansion slots, while the I/O panel brings both the USB 3.0 ports and a USB 3.1 Type-C connector.

This chassis is, without a doubt, one of the best looking on the market – its high price is definitely justified by its fantastic functionality and eye-catching aesthetics.

Cougar Conquer

This model is an open-air chassis with a truly unique design that’s bound to attract a lot of attention. It’s a huge chassis, and it’s quite easy to underestimate its size because of its unusual shape, although it’s more than capable of housing a full ATX board.Cougar Conquer product image

However, it is the model’s appearance that will make you love or hate it – the “military” aesthetics of this case can’t really be compared with anything else on the market. We did notice a couple of similarities between the Conquer and Raijintek Paean, though – both models sport a similar combination of glass and steel and both require the user to do some assembly work first.

The aluminum alloy frame of this chassis is combined with two thick TG side panels, making the case quite heavy but also very sturdy. With the cooling factor being one of the key factors for gaming enthusiasts, Cougar decided to equip Conquer with the support for both top (360mm) and front (240mm) cooling radiators. However, due to its open nature, we think that you could easily get away with the most basic air coolers.

Those looking for an extravagant TG case should definitely take this model into consideration – it’s unlike anything else on the market.

Thermaltake Core P90

Thermaltake is well-known for manufacturing PC cases that are large and outlandish, and this trend won’t change anytime soon – their Core P90 model is a good proof of this. The model is undoubtedly among the biggest mid-tower cases we’ve seen so far and comes with an innovative three-compartment design that allows both horizontal and vertical mounting.Thermaltake Core P90 product image

Since it’s unlike any chassis we’ve seen before, describing Core P90 is quite tricky. The primary part of the model is shaped like a large metal Toblerone, which was then combined with four steel poles that support the thick (5mm) tempered glass panels. As we said, the chassis can be laid down and stand on its own, but it can also be mounted on the wall. Sounds like a scary proposition? That’s because it actually is – the weight of P90 is significant you need to keep that in mind.

P90 breaks almost every rule of the game with its design, but it also provides the user with a great building experience – it has a large number of slots and mounting holes for all of one’s hardware.

Thermaltake Core P90 is a brilliant product, and one of the best display cases the money can buy today.

Which One Would You Choose?

Each one of these cases is unique in its own way, but they all prove that tempered glass is the material of the future. Besides their eye-pleasing factor, these cases are also extremely silent and very durable – consider getting one of them if your budget allows you to do so. Which one looks best in your opinion?

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Monday, August 27, 2018

AM4 X370 vs. X470 Chipset – How Much Did AMD Improve Their Flagship Chipset?

Almost every AMD fan who had just bought a powerful new Ryzen processor has the same dilemma – which motherboard to go for? Finding the appropriate motherboard for the new Ryzen CPU is even more complicated now that AMD has launched the new AM4 X470 platform, which is the successor to X370 chipset and is already quite popular with PC enthusiasts.

The primary question here is how much did the company improve their flagship chipset? Is X470 really that better than X370? Let’s take a closer look at these platforms and find an answer to this question.

And if you want to see our full AM4 motherboard list and a guide, you can see it here.

AM4 X370 Chipset  – Key Features

You probably remember that X370 chipset was among AMD’s six new platforms capable of supporting the AM4 socket that came with the brand new Ryzen CPUs. We can safely say that the motherboards with this chipset have some particularly good overclocking capabilities, and they also include SLI and Crossfire support as well the new-gen USB ports and have an increased amount of PCI-e lanes.AM4-X370 product image

The thing that makes this chipset desirable is that using it is a piece of cake – both the casual PC users and the enthusiasts love its ease of control and the overall simplicity. To put it simply, one doesn’t have to be an expert to overclock an X370 motherboard and boost its performance. Furthermore, the platform’s SLI and Crossfire support are of great help when one wants to get the most out of his gaming rig – all it takes is bridging two GPUs without the need to do any fine-tuning and tweaking.

PC users who are interested in multi-GPU rigs and modest overclocking will find that an X370 motherboard is one of the best entry points. The well-designed UI that comes with these boards can only confirm this statement – it removes the hassle and makes things so much easier.

AM4 X470 Chipset  – Key Features

It’s no wonder that many PC users decided to patiently wait for the launch of AMD’s X470 chipset – they want the best of the current technology and that is precisely what this platform offers. Due to its numerous impressive capabilities, such as dual PCI-e slots, StoreMI storage acceleration technology, and the ability to withstand heavy overclocking, the X470 platform is undoubtedly the best choice for enthusiasts and overclockers.AM4-X470 product image

However, one of the main selling points of this chipset is the fact that it comes with Generation-3 GPU support, allowing two full x16 lanes for GPUs. And due to the fact that the multipliers are unlocked on every AM4 chipset, the overclocking capabilities of this platform are quite impressive. When combined with things like liquid nitrogen cooling, an X470 motherboard becomes dream-come-true for every serious overclocker.

This is especially important once we consider how good the new Ryzen CPUs are for overclocking – they have up to 8 cores and up to 16 threads on a single chip and therefore allow a lot of space for a serious performance boost. Another feature worth mentioning is the new XFR 2.0, which allows smooth scaling of boost clocks and works just like advertised.

In case all of these features sound too technical and complicated to you, that is probably due to the fact that the new X470 chipset is intended for PC enthusiasts and not so much for the casual users.


In conclusion, we can safely say that the differences between these two platforms aren’t really that noticeable, or, rather, they are not as crucial and essential as one might think. A PC user can use his brand new Ryzen processor on both of these chipsets, although that largely depends on the manufacturer of the specific motherboard.

However, saying that AMD didn’t improve anything would be unfair. One field in which X470 is undoubtedly better than its predecessor is overclocking – the platform’s Precision Boost Overdrive and StoreMI features make it a better choice for those who’d like to get the best possible performance out of their gaming rig.

With no deal-breaking differences between these chipsets, all we can say is that yes, AMD has improved their flagship chipset but not as much as one might expect. The price difference between these platforms isn’t really that big, so we advise going for the X470 – it’s a better choice if you want to push the hardware to its limits.

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